AC/AC Transformers, Line Conditioners, Frequency Converters

Durable Construction for industrial applications available in single phase and three phase.

AVR Series Automatic Voltage Regulators

  • Very wide input voltage tolerance (-30% to +22%)
  • Accurate output voltage (+/-4%)
  • Extremely fast response to voltage fluctuations (1250V/s)
  • No moving parts. No maintenance required. Unaffected by dusty environment
  • Digital meters
  • Radio frequency interference filtering
  • Output circuit breaker
  • Changeover switch
  • Wide input frequency tolerance between 45 to 75 Hz
  • High overload capability with up to 150% for 4 minutes
  • AC/AC Frequency Converters

    Wide range of power frequency converters with power ratings from 500VA to 12KVA. , avialable with single phase or three phase input and single phase or three phase output. The input and output frequency can vary from 40Hz to 440Khz. Fixed output or variable output frequency and voltage models are available.


  • Supply voltage 240VAC +/- 15% , single phase or three phase
  • Output voltage regulated to 240VAC +/-3%
  • Inherent short circuit protection
  • Safety to AS3108
  • Provides a sinusoidal output with <3% harmonic distortion irrespective of of supply voltage distortion
  • Durrable ferroresonant style tranformer design
  • High Efficiency , typically 90%
  • Available in open frame or enclosed style
  • Non standard voltage options available on request
  • ITR series - Isolation transformers

  • Marine grade corrosion resistant case
  • 3 power levels : 2KW , 3.6KW , 7KW
  • Soft start circuit
  • Toroidal low noise transformer
  • Setup up or step down of voltage possible from 115VAC,230VAC on 2KW and 3.6KW models
  • TX2-DIN Series , Din Rail Mount Transformers 72VA

  • Isolated AC Output
  • Fused AC Input & Output
  • Full Galvanic Isolation between input and output
  • Din rail mount design
  • Four models: 230VAC/12VAC 6A , 230VAC/24VAC 3A , 110VAC/24VAC 3A , 400VAC/24VAC 3A
  • CMV Series , Variable Autotransformers 2A to 28A

  • Continuously variable alternating current (a.c.) output voltage
  • Rugged construction
  • Low operating torque
  • High efficiency/excellent regulation
  • Silver-plated commutator
  • Low magnetising current
  • No waveform distortion, smooth linear output & overload capacity
  • Single phase 240VAC 2A 3A 5A 8A 10A 15A 20A 28A
  • Screw terminals
  • Complete with knob and dial