DC/DC Converters

A wide range of DC/DC converters for numerous applications ranging in power from 1W to 1KW, available as pcb mount or chassis mount or din rail mount. Most of the models provide galvanic isolation with a few models that are non isolated. DC/DC converters are often used in the most precision electronic equipment. When you need the best DC/DC converters you need Snaptec converters. We offer a range of high quality DC/DC converters that are enclosed in a vented case, intended for panel mounting. Our GB series are established products and one of our most popular around in the 60W, 120W , 180W , 240W and 360W power level. GB Series deliver excellent output and solid performance. We are also capable to offer DC/DC converters to customer specifications in terms of output power and voltage and mounting. Even if the requirement is for a low volume chances are we can supply you specific DC/DC converter requirement.

DC/DC Converters Enclosed

A range of Enclosed DC/DC converter either in a vented case or fully encapsulated DC/DC Converters, intended for panel mounting. Some models can also be din rail mount. The range of enclosed DC/DC converteralso includes units that can be customised to a non standard input / output voltage combination. Some of the Enclosed DC/DC converters models have a wide input window suitable for many industrial applications. The range of enclosed DC/DC covnerters offered by Snaptec continues to increase to offer larger range of DC/DC converter to meet as much application as possibe.

DC/DC Converters PCB Mount

  • Extensive range of PCB mounting dc/dc converters
  • Power range from 1W to 60W
  • Input options cover the 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V range
  • Input range of 2:1 or wide range input 4:1
  • Chassis Mount Option and Din rail Mount Option
  • DC/DC Converters Din Rail Mount

  • Extensive range of din rail mount dc/dc converters
  • Power range from 10W to 240W
  • Full isolation between input and output