Battery Monitors

  • Precision monitoring of Amp-hours consumed and charged in the battery
  • Battery information: volts , Amps , % charge , time to go , battery high , battery low alarm
  • Low cost solution
  • Single or Dual battery monitoring
  • Wide range of battery voltage options
  • Optional RS232 communication interface
  • Input voltage range from 0 - 350VDC

  • Data Sheet (pdf)

    BMV712 Smart Battery Monitor

    Smart Battery Monitor BMV-712 with Bluetooth

    Part #: BMV712


    BMV700 Battery Monitor

    Precision Battery Monitor BMV-700

    Part #: BMV700


    BMV702 Battery Monitor

    Precision Battery Monitor BMV-702

    Part #: BMV702


    BMV702-BLACK Battery Monitor

    Precision Battery Monitor BMV-702 BLACK COLOR

    Part #: BMV702-BLACK


    BMV700HS Battery Monitor

    Precision Battery Monitor BMV-700HS

    Part #: BMV700HS


    Battery Balancer

    The Battery Balancer equalizes the state of charge of two series connected 12V batteries, or of several parallel strings of series connected batteries.

    Part #: BBA000100100


    Battery Master Monitoring System

    BATTMASTER® is a wireless battery monitoring system that measures and logs the voltage, internalresistance, temperature and current of lead acid batteries (2, 6 or 12 V nominal voltage) as individualblocks or within a battery string. It can operate as a standalone system or in conjunction with a PC/LAN.The modular architecture of the system has the benefit to be easily customizable to log other parameterson request (i.e. pressure, humidity, etc.).

    Part #: BATTMASTER