Welcome to our new edition of power supply informer, in the edition we highlight some new products these include:

  • AC/DC Power Supplies with 24VAC Input
  • 19 Inch rack mount AC distibution panels
  • Rugged solar regulators chargers
  • Compact rugged dc/dc converters rated at 360W
  • AC/DC Power Supplies with 24VAC 48VAC Input

    AC/DC Power Supplies with 24VAC  48VAC  Input

    Snaptec SWX series of AC/DC power supplies are designed for 24VAC control systems. Available in power levels of 40W , 75W , 150W , 240W The SWX series offers a wide ac input and a fully regulated and isolated output , output voltages are 5V 12V 24V and 48V Special output voltages available upon request The SWX48 series of AC/DC power supplies are designed for 48VAC input applications Available in power levels of 20W , 40W , 60W , 120W

    For further information please refer to the following lingks:

    SWX Power supplies with 24VAC Input

    SWX48 Power supplies with 48VAC Input

    DC Current Shunts

    DC Current Shunts

  • Wide range of industrial DC shunts
  • Standard and custom made range
  • Wide range of applications in industrial railway naval military telecommunication and photovoltaic sector
  • Current ratings from 1A to 15000A
  • Snaptec Australia specializes in the following product areas:
    DC UPS Systems - Battery Chargers - DC Backup Solutions
    DC/DC Converters
    AC/DC Power Supplies
    DC/AC Inverters - Pure Sinewave
    Battery Chargers - Multistep
    AC/AC Transformers, Line Conditioners, Frequency Converters
    AC/AC UPS Systems
    Laboratory Power Supplies & DC Electronic Loads
    Industrial Batteries
    Solar Power Products
    Power Supply Accessories

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